The Beatniks

There is a new site for “The Beatniks.” This site will be deleted by May 15th. Look at new site at:


The Beatniks is a serial comic strip that I, Rodney Lambright II have been working on for  about over a year now. On May 23rd 2016 I finally launched the comic on tumblr in confidence that I had methodically crafted the overall idea, characters, and stories that I wanted to tell through the comic The Beatniks. Now that I have begun I have created this website so that the people who have enjoyed the comic so far and new readers interested in The Beatniks could have an organized site that they can explore. So Please explore the website and engage with the serial comic strip known as The Beatniks. There are also character bios and more information about the comic as well. Thank you and  enjoy!


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